14.12.2020 12:50

New publication: Maximilian Koppenberg, Martina Bozzola, Tobias Dalhaus, Stefan Hirsch "Mapping potential implications of temporary COVID‐19 export bans for the food supply in importing countries using precrisis trade flows"

Abstract: Despite pleas from international organizations, governments and trade economists to refrain from imposing trade‐distorting measures, over 20 countries have implemented bans on the export of agri‐food products since the onset of the COVID‐19 crisis. These export prohibitions might adversely impact food security and disrupt well‐established global supply chains. We identify importing countries that could potentially be affected by the imposed export bans using a measure of their import dependency during the pre‐pandemic period to illustrate our results on global trade maps. We find that many importers rely on just one country for a significant share of the overall domestic supply of a particular commodity.